Japan Pet Alliance

"bright future for humankind and pets".


We support overseas expansion in pet-related products in a way that is various, quick and accurate and connect a variety of corporate partners with demand abroad.

  •  It will link our business partners to overseas demand.
  • It will produce long-term value for our business partners.

We can help solve issues such as "No expert or know-how in export", "packing with Japanese description".
We support overseas expansion and sales for local production dealing with situations such as due to circumstances such as animal quarantine and price competition.
Overseas sales locations are mainly Asia, Russia, the United States and Australia, etc. We suggest marketplaces responding flexibly to each product.
Especially in the pet industry, small market segments in Japan could be bigger abroad and many products in struggling sales in Japan could be sold more. Please contact us for inquiry.
We would like to be a bridge between foreign and Japanese corporations for import/export as communication could be difficult because of difference in languages.
Japan Pet Alliance strives to have the best skill and be a leading corporation in internationalization and to continually improve commercial values.


We believe it is our mission to always create new values and to make a substantial contributions to the"bright future for humankind and pets".
Started from working at retail discounters, we have conducted development of PB import of pet-related products and have maintained excellent relationships with overseas manufacturers specializing in pets, to this day.
We are committed to creating a friendly society for humankind and pets as the final mission in the industry, by establishing Japan Pet Alliance and proposing and introducing functional foods and supplements to our customers overseas, with the concept of "Healthy and Clean" from the point of view of animals. Due to the low birth rate and the greater longevity, the domestic market has decreased dramatically, and the need for foreign workers and regional revitalization by investors overseas, it is crucial that we contribute to the society embodying the ideas one by one, by making a breakthrough into the current stagnant situation and looking to expand overseas, not only with our staff but also with our customers and clients as well. With our industry knowledge and experience of accommodating a wide range of commercial distributions, we are more than happy to fulfill clients visions. We introduce Japan Pet Alliance with the key concept of "cooperation to innovation"
CEO: Shunchu Tagawa

Management Philosophy

We create a comprehensive pet business
that is innovative and colorful,
by having a global vision and persuing comfortable lifestyle
for both humankind and pets.

Corporate Logo

The pentagon of the logo consists of Japan Pet Alliance's original business model (coordination and innovation).
The logo indicates our corporate philosophy which is to establish a business that will increase contributions to the society to support a great lifestyle for humankind and pets.
The figures in the pentagon which has a meaning for fulfillment express that we strive for coordination and innovation.

Our Three Promises

  • We respect and take a good care of people and pets.
  • We are committed to offering excellent products.
  • We have a wide vision towards the society and future and continue to grow.

Behaviral Guidelines

To be passionate for better changes and doing one's best
To act with integrity and honesty for customers and the society
To respect fellow workers and bring excellent teamwork

Company Overview

Company Name:
Japan Pet Alliance, Inc.
Business Mission:
Supporting Overseas Expansion of Japanese Pet Manufacturers
Business Operations:
Export, Localization and Global Support for Overseas Sales
Business Field:
Staple Food Product (Pet Food), Supplementary Food Product (Supplement), Symbiosis Supplies (Hygiene Product) and Cosmeceuticals (Dental Product)
Japan Pet Alliance
Trade Name:
Japan Pet Alliance,Inc.
Brand Concept:
to the Happy Future with Pet
June 2016
9,000,000 yen
Shunchu Tagawa

5-1-14, Hamabe-Dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Kobe, Japan
Kobe Commerce, Industry and Trade Center Building,11F